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Having worked with several firms including attorneys to create images for corporate litigation to corporate functions, sales meetings, conventions, golf tournaments, calendars, product and marketing images, we can help you attain your vision.
Clients include but not limited to: Perlet & Shiner Law, McKamey, Melchiorre & Walsh, P.A., Palm Beach Diabetes, Lazer Aptheker Rosella & Yedid, PC, Ibis Country Club, Coastal Sothebys, LPGA Calendars, Southern Pie, D Laudati Salon, Hayward Pools, Rapid Response Team of Florida, Perry Slingsby, Honeywell, Hilton Garden Inn, Hilton Singer Island, V Boutique, Seven Kings Holdings, Honeywell, Beukenhorst and many, many more
Kim is exceptionally knowledgeable, being a photographer in South Florida for over two decades, she's very energetic and precise in her organizational skills and cataloging of images.

hi, I'm KIM

Contracting to do stills during a commercial video shoot can be very challenging. It can take days and some shoots occur during summer months in between rain showers meaning start time and rescheduling changes. Things expectantly change as lighting and equipment changes as well. A photographer has to be extremely patient and watchful, ready to move at a moment's notice.
Staging particular models, products and/or locations for editorial shoots is important as well. Collaborating on a shoot with many faceted parts (clients, people, location, assistants, stylists) takes a lot of organization. Everyone has to be very flexible to pull all the parts together for the success of a project. 


Our job is to document certain aspects and items for marketing purposes for a company. This can include action photos, posed shots, buildings photographed, employees in front of a warehouse, food for packaging and advertising purposes, products for e-commerce and much more. This can take days at varying locations, climbing ladders, going into gutted homes, getting onto roofs under repair and many other organized shots. Or it could mean having a team to include assistants and food or subject stylists. This may mean bringing in studio and external lighting to enhance the images. Afterwards comes the part no one really likes; the post production, but we’re really good on the computer using the latest software to enhance any photos.


Working on a big projects can take upwards to 6 weeks or longer. For example construction photography entails a lot of physical movement; whether it's climbing a ladder or being lifted in cherry picker to do aerial shots of a project, capturing large to very small details of damage or progress of a job. Images may include "in progress" and "before and afters" cataloged in specific chronicled folders. This is particularly helpful to attorneys during court proceedings or litigation. Organization of images and cataloging must be precise for review and cross-referencing.



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